My whole life I have loved to tinker with things.  When I was young I designed and built everything from a bottle rocket launcher and potato cannon, to a Morse Code telegraph system in my house.  To this day I continue to build and make things, just now a little bit more complex.
I have been involved with fireworks since I was old enough to and got my official license as early as I could.  In some show's you just need a couple more shots or just need to test something, to do this I built my own mini-firing system.  Complete with it's own branding, "VulcanMini", I designed and built my two-shot-box from scratch.

I am in the process of following up my mini system with a full blown wireless fireworks firing system powered by a Raspberry Pi and Arduinos.
As I mentioned above, I have been working on fireworks shows and pyrotechnics since I was legally able to.  I have worked on everything from pop concerts, to movie-style special effects, to traditional fireworks set to music.

A recent set up from one of my 4th of July shows is to the right.
I have had a 3D printer for quite awhile, starting from an early Makerbot and now with a more advanced Prusa.  I love being able to design something on my computer and then see it come to life before my eyes.  In addition to 3D printing, I have dabbled in other forms of rapid prototyping such as laser and water jet cutting.
Beyond the digital and electronic fabrication, I have always like to build things from wood as well.  I have built my personal desk and workbench and even the planter shown to the right, which I built with help from my Fiance, among other things.
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